A New Breed Of !BULL!

Last year in 2009, Hip-Hop Magazine XXL revealed the Freshmen Class of 2009. The Freshmen Class consists of the top ten new hip-hop artists that the magazine projects will have a “good year.” After months of speculation over which rappers made XXL’s third annual Freshmen Class cover, the list of the 10 Freshmen for 2010 was finally revealed in late February. XXL also revealed its April issue’s cover, featuring the top ten freshmen.

This “New Breed of Hustlers” includes Roc Nation’s first signee J. Cole, gangsta rap up-and-coming artist Nipsey Hu$$le, newly-minted Asylum lyricist Pill, 1017 Brick Squad member OJ Da Juiceman, indie-sensation Wiz Khalifa, G.O.O.D. Music’s own Big Sean, underground favorite Fashawn, Gary, Indiana rep Freddie Gibbs, West Coast phenom Jay Rock and the latest addition to the Atlantic roster, Donnis.

The new release of the freshmen class sparked heavy controversy among many hip-hop fans. This is mostly because new hip-hop artists that are on top of the game right now did not make this list.  Where is Drake, Nicki Minaj, etc. Both artists are projected (by those of us who are sane) to have a great year once they release their albums. You don’t even have to listen to rap music to know that one. The two of them are everywhere. There were only three good things that came out of this list. One, J. Cole, two Wiz-Khalifa, and three, the fact that most people who read XXL realized how “Full-Of-Shit” the Magazine is.

Lastly, I and many others would like to know, “HOW IN THE HELL DID OJ DA JUICEMAN MAKE THIS LIST?” XXL really screwed this one up. Not only is OJ Da Juiceman a disgrace to rap music, the boy is a disgrace to himself. His freestyle for XXL was a big JOKE! If the execs who published this piece don’t see that then it says a lot about the magazine as a whole. The video below, is OJ DA Juicemans freestyle. Leave a comment and tell me what you think

(AWKWARD SILENCE)……..(YELLS WTF!!)….. (PAUSE)……This is the main reason why ill never respect XXLs word.


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